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We are a very active family and have enjoyed camping, hiking, and numerous sporting events over the years. The memories we have made with family and friends are treasured. Of course, we’d like to see everyone experience this joy but found health issues stopped members of our family and friends from doing just that. We’ve thought a lot about what prevented others from enjoying these experiences and concluded that the consumption of sugary sodas was likely a large part of the problem. We decided that it was time to take action! Why not create a healthy carbonated drink that also tasted great? The result of our efforts is an unsoda called PHYZZ!


DeEtte Cunningham

Founder & CEO

DeEtte, a mother, chef, gardener, outdoors person, and the founder of our company. She is a parent who loves to eat healthy and stay active, two things she believes are important for overall well being. So PHYZZ, the unsoda, was made!

Madison Young

Nutrition & Multimedia Consultant

Madison loves natural wholesome living and sharing nutrition information with others. Her excitement for uncovering and sharing the newest health information with as many people possible makes her the perfect multimedia consultant for our team.

Cory Cunningham

IT / Marketing Consultant

Cory loves technical challenges and problem solving. He has the unusual combination of technical expertise and stylistic flair making him great for IT and marketing.

Todd Cunningham

Research Consultant

Todd is always on the lookout for ways to improve our whole health with cutting-edge information. He leads experiments to determine our product’s stability and is in charge of making the countless samples for our sensory panel to taste.


We are a company completely devoted to family. Over the years we have become aware of the devotion elephants have to their family units and how poachers are violently tearing their families apart for a quick buck. It’s heartbreaking to see such intelligent and emotional creatures being tortured in order to keep the ivory trade supplied.

We understand that even the strongest of living things sometimes need a helping hand. We’ve developed our beverage based in part on this premise and are committing ourselves to helping save the elephants. We want to help ensure that elephants are protected and able to live their lives to the fullest just like we want you to live your life to the fullest. Our commitment to the elephants includes donating to the World Wildlife Fund. We are enthusiastic about donating 5% of our profits to this worthy cause. In fact, since we are so adamant about helping these majestic animals we are donating even before we have any profits!

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